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Adult Host Home Program

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities may find it challenging to live at home with their families or lack the skillset to live independently. 

By operating a developmental home, you can support an adult with intellectual and developmental impairments in their growth and well-being. 

What is a Host Home Program?

Host home programs, also known as Developmental Homes, are opportunities for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to have a warm and loving environment to call home.    

Many adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities do not have the necessary skill set to live independently, that is where a Host Home Program comes into the picture. 

Host Home providers and programs offer adults support and care by helping them achieve goals and strive for more as outlined by their individual care plan. 

How Do I Become A Host Home Provider

Host Home Providers must have a compassionate and selfless mindset when opening their homes to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Below are the General Qualifications as outlined by the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). 

You may be eligible for licensure if you meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Are at least 21 years of age

  • Obtain a fingerprint clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety 

  • Pass the protective service registry checks

  • Are lawfully present in the U.S. and reside in Arizona

  • Are free of medical, physical, or mental health problems that could interfere with the provision of safe care for a child or vulnerable adult

  • Are able to provide a caring, nurturing, and positive home environment

  • Can provide a child or adult with a clean bed and sufficient bedroom space

  • Have sufficient income to meet the needs of your family

  • Are able to meet and maintain the life-safety requirements for the home or apartment

Article 11. Adult Developmental Home License

Start changing lives today! 

Contact our Director of Developmental Homes for more information:

Vila Sisamout

John and Yolanda

Host Home Providers

"Being an Adult Developmental Home provider is a great opportunity to connect with individuals who might not have a lot of positive influence in their world. Partnering with those individuals to provide new opportunities and experiences that may have been missed out on in their lives rewards both providers and members alike. "
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